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    Kerala State Electricity Board Limited
    O/o Director (Transmission and System Operation), Vydyuthi Bhavanam
    Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram-4
    Phone: 0471 2514528,(+91)9496012090-93,(+91)9446008567 Email: pse@kseb.in,ee.pse@kseb.in
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Welcome to Power System Engineering

The Power System Engineering (PSE) wing coming under the Director (Transmission and System Operation) deals with Power System Planning, Analysis and Ground grid Design works pertaining to KSEB Ltd. Power System Engineering wing is entrusted with the long term strategic planning and system augmentation studies, evaluating new proposals for substations / transmission lines put up from the field and new proposals put up by the Projects department under R-APDRP and other schemes by conducting System studies like Load flow etc as part of planning process.

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About Us

The nature of work of the Power System Engineering wing primarily consists of power system studies for reviewing existing installations as well as new or conceptual proposals and produce recommendations on how to upgrade or re-configure the system to perform safely and efficiently under various operating conditions. Further system studies for long term transmission planning, power evacuation proposals, System loss assessement at various voltage levels up to 33kV, Energy and performance auditing of the EHT network etc are also carried out on a regular basis. Short circuit studies are also conducted to calculate the available fault currents at various points on a network for the evaluation of protective devices and other equipments in the system and for facilitating future expansion of the system. GIS based Grid map and Single Line Diagram of the Transmission network are prepared by this wing. The design of grounding grid for new transmission substation and generation projects along with evaluation of existing grounding systems in the substations and producing recommendations for improving the ground grid performance are also carried out.
Other responsibility of the wing includes the following:
Assisting Planning wing on Technical issues related to planning process.
Assisting planning wing in Demand projection / Load forecasting.
To collect and analyse the monthly operating review (MoR) from various generating stations and Substations, check the healthiness of energy meters/ capacitors and follow up.
Maintaining web based modules for transmission asset management, MoR, Station Operating Statistics, Asset Commissioning and Maintenance Management System etc.
To address matters related to CEA, SCPSP, SRPC, TCC and other Central and Southern Regional Forums.
Studies on various LTOA and connectivity issues in the SR region
Studies to reduce the system loss by optimal bus configurations and feeder arrangement, to optimise circuit usage, to develop practical voltage profiles through minimizing kW and kVar losses by determining the location and size of shunt capacitor banks, to identify transformer tap settings, to identify under-utilized equipment which will allow for future load growth, to identify overloaded equipment, to increase the distribution system operating efficiency and determine the most optimum operating configuration of the network fed from 33kV S/S.
Assist System Operation in analyzing Operational problems.

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Kerala State Electricity Board Limited
C/O Director (Transmission and System Operation), Vydyuthi Bhavanam
Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram-4
Power System Engineering
Email: pse@kseb.in,ee.pse@kseb.in Phone: 0471 2514528, (+91) 9496011682,9496018628,9446008567

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